Retreat centers in Alajuela

Houses for spiritual retreats, family gatherings and camps.
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San Ramón

Convivios La Cruz

Rustic house for retreats and spiritual gatherings in Chachagua, meeting room for 50 people, beds and cabins for 33 people, 9 bedrooms.

| Alajuela

Campamento & Hostel Cafeaventura

We have a room for group activities of up to 250 people. We have 120 beds in rooms with 20 beds in each cabin, overlooking the gardens. We also have Food and Beverage services ..

San Mateo

Quinta Cedros

Property of 3 hectares, environment surrounded by nature combined with the comfort of our facilities and a nightlife (even if it is day) in our disco-bar to have a great time.

Quinta El Retiro

Alajuela / 83051616

Casa Cerro Verde

The house is located in San Isidro de Alajuela, has a living room inside the house and a covered terrace, two terraces and a deck type deck, outdoors.

Alajuela / 24279767
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