Mobile bars in Alajuela

Drinks, liquors and international cocktails catering with certified bartenders. Mobile bar service in Alajuela.
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Drinks Coctelería

15 years in the market, with 4 luxury mobile bars, 1 shot cart, more than 500 weddings, with equipment for large events, as specialists in all kinds of drinks. We are Drinks

Alquimia Coctelería
The whole country

Alquimia Coctelería

We are a company specialized in mixology all kinds of cocktails giving our customers an unforgettable experience

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Coco Grill & Parrilladas

We have our Bar service at your Event, national spirits, wines, cocktails, traditional mouths and more

The whole country

Café Fusión

Management of distillates and cocktails in closed mode (with tickets) or open (open bar). Packages from 5500 col per person. More info


GastroBarra & Mr. Shot

We give a plus to your event which will be full of surprises.


La Barra Libre

Drink management at special events. Distilled, shaken, mixed or liquefied cocktails. in closed format (by number of tickets) or unlimited "open bar". Experience and professionalism.

Lico Eventos

We bring the best range of liquors to your event and we facilitate all the logistics related to drinks. We are not a cocktail bar, nor do we do mixology.

Alajuela | 7143-2132

La Cuchara Cubana

Gastronomic specialists Our Cuban chefs specialize in traditional Cuban meals, we also have various menus that fit the client's taste and budget.

Alajuela | 8363-6629

Licorera La Vid

Sale of Liquor for your events. *** We do not have bar service.

Grecia | 6243-4276


Barista services with preparation of hot and/or cold coffee-based drinks, we have an espresso machine bar and filtered drip coffees.

San Carlos | 8880-4249