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Professional photographers of weddings and events in Alajuela. Digital photography, video and HD footage.
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Arajo Producciones

We cover all kinds of special events and social activities. With state-of-the-art technical equipment and professional photographers

The whole country

Bride Photo

We are a team of photographers passionate about spontaneity and focused on capturing the best events of your wedding or special event. It will be a pleasure to serve you!!


JQ Photography

We specialize in event photography, weddings, 15 years, baptisms, personalized sessions for children, pregnant women, etc.

Katherine Bolaños Photography

We are a company specialized in photography for events, created by Marka Studio company, event organizer.

Alajuela | 8813-1878

Fotografías Alex Martínez

Wedding and event photographer

Grecia | 6045-1217

Benzonino Photo

We seek to find the second indicated to portray and eternalize that important moment.

Alajuela | 6027-2998

Casal Producciones

Audiovisual production and post-production.

Alajuela | 8319-5151

Something Blue

We specialize in WEDDINGS. We convert your most important moments in unique and unforgettable images. Different, fresh and original photos.

Alajuela | 7013-9218

D&M Fotografía

Photo shoots

Alajuela | 7140-1320

Christian Reige Photo

Photographer, Video producer and Designer, with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in Portraits and addvertising. Capture a frame of your life and transform it into art.

Atenas | 8637-8512

Naara Fotografía

If you've ever wondered where your dreams are born, have a look, here are made ... We offer the best photo service, we make every moment memorable.

San Ramón | 6385-1559

Studio Jimenez casa de Arte

We are a company specialized in creating visual art - Photography - video - and much more.

Palmares | 8825-3059

C C Fotografía

My name is Cristian Campos, dedicated to photography I am fully trained to carry out the photographs correctly.

San Ramón | 6191-8145

Florian Kuster Photography

Perspectivas360 is a fast growing company based in Costa Rica. We love Photography, Virtual Reality and Filming, but most of all we love to inspire, transmit feelings and create emotions.

San Mateo | 8473-6304

KentGilbert Photography

20 years of experience. We document your wedding or event to be enjoyed for many years. We fit your budget.

Alajuela | 8848-2816

Alpízar Photography

Professional photography services for all kinds of events, sessions, and advertising photography.

Valverde Vega | 8434-5334

Foto Creativa

Photographed for any type of activity you want

San Ramón | 8653-1575

Luciérnaga Producciones CR

A bit of light captured in countless special moments and projects of all kinds through audiovisual production and photography.

Alajuela | 7113-9098

Luis Araya Fotografía

Our job is to capture moments and leave them forever in your heart, give us the opportunity to be part of your event

Alajuela | 8702-9932

MH - Producción Audiovisual

Specialization in audiovisual production and digital media, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of communication; television, radio, and independent production.

Alajuela | 8888-3119

Swing en Madera

Live music: Jazz, Bossa Nova, Pop Instrumental, Voice (ballads, dance, rock, pop), guitar, bass, piano, violin and voice, according to customer preference. Professional photography and video.

Alajuela | 8750-1166

Río Producciones

Rio Producciones is an audiovisual production company in Alajuela, Costa Rica, aerial drone recordings, corporate videos, testimonials, television programs, among others.

Alajuela | 6148-7844


Keep those special family moments or social events in your life, with Full HD quality so you can enjoy them for many years with your loved ones, friends and relatives. We provide Photography services

Alajuela | 8344-2906

Estudio Fotográfico Real Digital

Photographic coverage of weddings, fifteen years, proms, etc. Outdoor sessions, stage design, video, advertising, plus the endless options of the digital world.

San Carlos | 2461-9595

FGallese Studio

Events Photographer. Professionalism. Specializing in top-level events. Punctuality and presence.

Alajuela | 6161-2011

Solé Fotografía

We are Laura and Esteban. We love that our clients have unique photographs of the most special moments of their lives.

Alajuela | 8816-9752


We are a company that provides excellent services to our customers in the area of ??photography, in order to make special events from the beginning, turning moments into memories.

Alajuela | 4200-5732

Nayira Moreno Fotografía

We are specialists in stop time and that each photograph be a memory forever. We are the best choice for weddings and social activities such as 15 years, birthdays, etc.

San Ramón | 6385-1559

Morales Solorzano-Photography

We are a couple in love with photography and art, our purpose is to capture the essence of love as a couple. One option that fits your budget with photographs of very high quality.

San Ramón | 8571-2636


We are a company dedicated to the integral organization of corporate events, weddings, birthdays, baby shower, among others in Costa Rica.

Alajuela | 2430-4322
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