Kids party decoration in Alajuela

Decoration for parties and children's birthdays in Alajuela, the most original ideas for themed parties.
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Party House CR

Our raw material is your imagination... we help you make what you want for your event come true.

FestiArte Costa Rica

FestiArte Costa Rica

Company dedicated to the planning, organization and execution of social events

San Ramón

Inflables y Eventos Especiales M&G

We have a wide variety of sizes and inflatable designs, we also have the manufacture of items for personalized parties, combos of sweet products and more!


We take care of the decoration of your event or party

Alajuela | 8327-6210

Decoraciones Agua Viva

We are a company dedicated to event decoration and planning. Our passion is to make our clients' ideas and dreams come true, through fully customized products.

Grecia | 8969-3722


Event producer, dedicated to designing, coordinating and producing each event with the unique characteristics of our clients. We have an excellent team and a wide portfolio of suppliers.

Palmares | 8795-1088

IKKI Diseño, Decoración y Eventos

We make the designs, decoration and organization of your special event, money should not be a problem, tell us your budget and we will make your dream come true.

San Carlos | 8373-2520

Katherine Kitchen

Catering for kids, we offer products for candy bar and candy tables, all for your children's party with the theme you want.

Alajuela | 8653-7703

InflAventura CR

We want to be part of your grand party, where you can fully enjoy adventures without stopping!! Inflate your fun with us and make your event a success, full of smiles and joy !!

Alajuela | 8991-3072

Piñatas Art Espinoza

Piñatas personalized by retail and wholesale all the animated characters at the best price.

Alajuela | 8379-4362

Sweet Memories

Custom details for all occasions: corporate, children's parties, baby showers, weddings.

Alajuela | 7205-6731

Kairos Decoración & Eventos

Company dedicated to the service of animation of all kinds of Events, decoration and organization of events.

Alajuela | 4600-0058