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Videography experts in Heredia, professional video camera, sound, and lighting.
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Spenc Photo Studio

Capturing weddings, parties, conferences & corporate events in photos & videos. Contact us to make your event unforgettable!

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We are a company with extensive experience in organizing events, BTL promotion, furniture rental and audiovisual production. We cover personal, business and corporate events.



We have a professional team that offers audio visual production either on location or in studio. We have makeup artists, stylists, graphic designers, photo and video editors.

Razzo Films

We are an audiovisual production company with experience in cinematography, editing, advertising, photography and graphic design.

Heredia | 8429-5492

Kayros Producción Audiovisual

I am passionate about the visual and creative world, with more than 8 years of experience as a photographer and videographer in corporate events, weddings, engagement sessions and special events.

Heredia | 8368-6051

Save Productions

We are dedicated to captivate and organize those special moments so that everything goes in the best way.

Barva | 6080-5984

eCoStudios Producciones

Over 10 years experience in the field of production and post-porducción, Audio Visual 2D and 3D. We have professional equipment in Audio and Video HD, Creativity and Responsibility.

San Pablo | 7272-3893

Ben MASKLE filmmaking

We are a team dedicated to the realization of videos of events such as weddings, corporate, social, special parties and more. We can move around the country.

Barva | 8735-8382

CW Producciones

Filming, Streaming, Production and Editing of Videos

Heredia | 8926-2231

Andres Vargas

Videographer with over 13 years of experience in professional film and video production. Andres has collaborated with international organizations and worked as a production manager in the UK.

Heredia | 8577-0324

LIGHTTRAM Creative Group

Being a small selected team genuinely passionate about what we do, we are passionate about providing clients with surpassingly memorable service.

Heredia | 6264-9677

Metamind Creativo

Design, development and production of visual effects and content for VideoMapping shows and corporative events, immersive 360 experiences such a gastronomic VideoMapping: TableMapping ®.

Heredia | 8839-1229

Mario Mendez Mendes

Wedding Films / 5 years of experience in audiovisual production

Heredia | 8500-7331

Aldo Chanto Producciones

Professionals in the field of Communication, Audiovisual Production and Digital Animation. Innovative and creative projects.

San Pablo

AVLCR Outsourcing

We are a company focused on providing integral solutions for events, from corporate events to large shows

Heredia | 6056-5934

AMC Organizadores de Eventos

In the era of globalization and outsourcing, AMC Organizadores de Eventos, professionals in organizing events as a whole, offers more than 10 years of experience.

Belén | 2293-2120


We make wedding recordings, sessions and special events. We capture with the most updated equipment every detail so you can remember over and over again.

Heredia | 8336-4986


We are photographers, we attend the event, we take photographs, we print at the moment and the guests take magnetic souvenir photographs.

Heredia | 6464-2727

Inspira Marketing Comunication and Consulting

We are Daniel, Josue, Ricardo and Yamil. We inspire others through each image, each video, each project.

Santo Domingo | 8368-6051

Evento Vakog

We are a company of event designers, planning corporate and social events, technology rental.

Barva | 8972-6222

Visión Fotografía & Video

Our works are a special gift and we are happy to be part of these moments, where they have trusted our talent in deciding to stop time in artistic and unique images.

Heredia | 7243-3050

Juan Alvarado Fotografía

Parrillada Las Carnitas

Belén | 7027-8600

Andrea Avalos Fotografía y Video

Photo and video services for special, institutional and cultural events. Weddings, fifteen years, portraits, christening and sporting events.

Heredia | 8883-2483

Prody Infinity

Our vision is to guarantee our customers a quality service.

Santo Domingo | 6200-6188