Cleaning services in Heredia

Cleaning services for parties and events in Heredia.
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AMC Organizadores de Eventos

AMC Organizadores de Eventos

In the era of globalization and outsourcing, AMC Organizadores de Eventos, professionals in organizing events as a whole, offers more than 10 years of experience.


Franda Marketing

We are a family business with a lot of experience in the BTL market and marketing. We have specialized in having highly qualified personnel in super always the sales of our clients.

Limpia - Tec

We are a company that provides cleaning services at a fair price.

Barva | 2261-3027

Lava a Mano

We are dedicated to wash wedding dresses, removing stains of time, of ring, wine, coffee, chocolate, etc.

Heredia | 8727-2478

Grupo CSB

San Pablo | 2260-1180

Servicios de Limpieza para Eventos Especiales

Belén | 2239-3623