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Live music in Heredia, shows, artists, mariachis, music for weddings and events.
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We have musical formats for ceremonies, receptions, cocktails, cultural events, product presentations or private parties, either with instrumental or sung ensembles.

The whole country

Mauricio Barquero Lobo

Latin music in Duo format (According to the public, from ballads to carnival). Click on the image and listen to my video-demo. Additional story with Karaoke and animation

The whole country

Ágape Servicios Musicales

We bring high quality live music to your event. We have professional musicians trained in the best institutions in the country and various instrumental formats according to the taste of the client.

The whole country

Richard Castro Cantante

Live singer for all kinds of events (wedding, birthday, business, salons, bars)

The whole country

Son Latino Discomóvil

Live singer for all kinds of events, weddings, birthdays, parties, select the repertoire to your liking, lights, sound and animation

The whole country

Humberto Brenes Binns

Singer and guitarrist with more than 15 years of experinces in private events all kind, all rithms. Romantic, trova, ranchera, boleros, rock spanish and english, clasics, and latin dance music.


Digital entertainment company and live caricatures. Our stand has displays showing the process by which be caricaturize those present.

Heredia | 6059-1254

Marvin Murillo Ticonga

Greetings to you and blessings for all your family, really thank you for receiving this message, Ticongas Musical Groups, email Mobile phone and WhatsApp is: (506) 86391144,

Heredia | 8639-1144

La Banda del Chizo

I offer my services as a singer for all kinds of music (plate, dance, pop ballads), English, Christian, mantras among others). All kinds of rhythm and activity.

Heredia | 8420-3915

Duwáruk Ensamble Folclórico

We are a group that plays Costa Rican and Latin American folk music in 3 different formats. Duwáruk Orchestra, Duwáruk Cimarrona or Duwáruk Marimba.

Heredia | 8345-2684

RUBÍ El Genio Musical

Live music with organist and synthesizer, covers all kinds of music, 60s 70s 80s 90s, all dancing musical rhythm.

San Isidro | 2268-8950

Meraki Eventos Musicales

Meraki ... do something with love, dedication and creativity leaving the soul in it.

Heredia | 8895-9186

La Banda del Chizo

A personalized repertoire for your event, live music, all the rhythms, entertainment, female voice, instrumental music for dinners, etc.

San Rafael | 6048-4284

Grupo K-Leo

We are promoters of culture and entertainment, through education, dissemination and expression of dance, with a cast of excellent quality, professional artists committed to art.

Heredia | 8314-5536

Johel Vargas Vega

Soloist and performer of the song.

Heredia | 6116-8902

El Chizo

Professional services with a saxophone music show with the sound and special music of Arturo Alpízar (El Chizo). With great experience in all kinds of events.

San Rafael | 6048-4284

Dúo ClubCero2

We are a duo specialist in weddings, parties and corporate events. We offer experience, responsibility and professionalism.

San Isidro | 8828-6747

Cuerdas y Maderas

A musical and cultural project with 39 years of experience that includes the rescue of our region's folklore to the enjoyment of Latin rhythms for the enjoyment of a multicultural audience.

Barva | 8343-3207


Live music in three formats: 5 musicians, trio and duo. Professional lighting and audio equipment. Animation, seriousness and responsibility. More than 10 years of experience .

Santo Domingo | 8315-0204

Crise Ensambles Instrumentales

We provide musical services for social and executive events. Classical, semi-classical and Jazz ensembles. More than 15 years working in events field.

Heredia | 8350-9972

Carpe Diem

Live music services for your social and corporate events. Among our repertoire you can find: salsa, merengue, reggaeton, bachata, cumbia, pop, rock, classics in English and Spanish.

San Rafael | 7187-8466

Scott Unimusic

Classics in English from the 60s 70s and 80s. The golden age of music. Bring to your event or bar the music you can listen to in classics radio stations such as "Super Radio" or "Radio 2"

Heredia | 8584-2868

Josué Rojas: Músico solista

I am a soloist musician who does his work with professionalism, passion and love. I have high quality and loyalty equipment, as well as own transportation.

Heredia | 8426-1869


Organization of circus shows, database with 500 talents, excellent customer service, professionalism, personalization, originality and a wide range of comfortable prices.

Heredia | 7008-3488


We offer you music of all genres for your event, be it Weddings, corporate events, or private parties

Heredia | 6047-3648

Plancha Hits CR

We are a new concept in the Costa Rican music scene. We offer live and retro music with four musicians for all types of events

Heredia | 6047-3648

Mariachi Rey

The best option, good repertoires for all types of events, with assistance throughout the territory in Costa Rica and beyond, good, nice and cheap.

San Rafael | 8834-5030

Grupo Musical Spanglish

Espanglish Group specialist in Weddings and dance events, repertoire varied in genres, tropical, English and Spanish, 80''s, "iron", sound and lights, master animation of ceremonies and discomobile,

Heredia | 8361-7380

Cimarrona La Lucitana

Animation of events with maroon and masquerade. We play: cumbia, merengue, corrido, bolero, mambo, double step, reggaeton. Do not hesitate to contact us that "quickie we put the vacilón".

Barva | 8811-1411

El Charro Sullivan

Serenades "rancheras" with repertoire of Vicente Fernandez and Antonio Aguilar.

Belén | 8757-0066
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