Private chefs in Heredia

Chefs services at home and gourmet food in Heredia, sushi, Mexican, Italian, Spanish or Argentinean food, prepared in your house or event.
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Al Sabor del Ché (Pablo Gabas)

We're your best choice in terms of food and drinks! We offer the best and most complete traditional Argentine barbecue. Attended by Pablo Gabas and his wife Dayana Guillen.

The whole country

Rincón Parrillero

We are a catering service specialized in barbecues. 10 years of experience grilling for corporate, social and private events.

Santa Bárbara

Arepas Venezolanas

Venezuelan arepas preparation service for all types of events and parties.

Productos Minina

We make cakes for all occasions, sweet and salty pastries, desserts, sandwiches, complete menus for family events, candy bars, chocolate shop.

San Rafael | 8393-4850

Parrilla Boys

Barbecue service (parrillada) to any event anywhere in the country.

Belén | 8608-3561

Na Khao Catering Service

We attend all kind of events. We specialize in Thai and international cuisine. We can handle every aspect of your event and delight with incredible cooking.

Heredia | 8865-5914

Valle de Escol

We serve all kinds of events in the metropolitan area. Variety of menus, sandwiches and grilled specialties. Photography services, entertainment, decoration, linen and utensils.

Barva | 8461-8525

Bites by Little E

We offer a variety of options for your social and business events, adapting to your budget.

Heredia | 7129-1152

Venezuelan Food CR

Sale and preparation of traditional Venezuelan food for all kinds of events.

Santa Bárbara | 7118-1260

El Rinconcito

Catering for business and private events, we specialize in typical food, grill, street food, sweet tables, cocktails. We have rooms for events with parking.

Heredia | 8584-8030

El Ranchito

We are a catering specialized in Spanish food, we are dedicated to the care of any type of event from 20 people onwards.

Flores | 8847-6318


We make daily deliveries, we offer express service.

Belén | 7011-4375

VJ Catering Service

VJ Catering Service was created to meet your needs. We make your event an unforgettable experience, unique and special.

Heredia | 7060-3071

Flavors Catering & Personal Chef Service

We offer a variety of delicious and unique options. We give maximum flavor and freshness using our own soups, sauces and breads. We only use fresh herbs and vegetables.

San Isidro | 8549-0229


Restrictions apply. Minimum 10 to 12 desserts or family size.

Heredia | 6023-0865

DYG Food Service

Catering services, we have packages for your special activities.

Barva | 8326-8763

Catering Services MK

Company with great experience in organizing family and corporate events, trainings, weddings, baby showers, etc. With us, you will find wide variety of services at the best price.

Heredia | 8815-6798

Parrilla Las Carnitas

We offer barbecue service "Eat what you want for 2 (two) hours" for any type of event, whether business or private. We serve anywhere in the country.

Belén | 7027-8600

Cavalier Catering Service

Receive a cordial greeting from "Catering Service CAVALIER", we put ourselves at your service to meet your food needs during your activities

San Rafael | 8935-7026

Luz Catering Service

Buffet style at home and by delivery. Coffee Break, Barbecues, Animation: animators, clowns, caricaturists, karaoke

Barva | 8496-3530

Comidas y Eventos

Traditional and à la carte recipes, wide variety according to your event and budget.

Heredia | 8301-9494

Olivos Crepería

Production of sweet crepes, salty crepes, Arabic bread, Salads, Sandwiches, natural shakes.

Heredia | 8702-5412

Fares Catering Service

We are a family company in charge of ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and guests.

San Rafael | 8988-3179

Chef Angelo Sánchez U.

San Rafael | 8891-7202

Soy de Azúcar

We are a company of artisan character. We seek personalized attention for each activity, so that the guests feel like it is the same host who attends them.

Barva | 8304-1038

KüChef Catering Service


GILCAR Chef privados


Catering Service M&S

We are a company with more than 10 years of experience, cooking for events. We have highly professional staff in the art of cooking.

San Rafael | 7065-4089
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