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Humberto Brenes Binns

Over 12 years experience as a guitarist and singer in all kinds of events. Varied music in Spanish and English, romance, boleros, trova. Latin dance music. Availability throughout the country.

The whole country

Ágape Servicios Musicales

We bring high quality live music to your event. We have professional musicians trained in the best institutions in the country and various instrumental formats according to the taste of the client.

San José

Shonen Sound

We are a Rock band that plays Openings and Endings of the Anime that so many incredible memories left us.

The whole country


Cadenza offers variety of musical ensembles for special events. Harp, guitar, voice, violin and flute are some of the instruments we offer.


Richard Castro Cantante

Live show of solo singer Richard Castro. Dance music show. Iron show, romantic show, mixed show, animation of all kinds of events, lighting, sound and much more

The whole country

El Charro Gabriel Morúa

Costa Rican singer of ranchera music noted for elegance, professionalism and seriousness. Gabriel Morúa has more than 10 years in the animation of all kinds of events.

The whole country

Son Latino Discomóvil

FREE solo singer, animation, led lights, neon light, laser lights, moving heads, truss structure, bubbles, fog, wireless microphones, projectors.

Montes de Oca, San José

Akustik Instrumental

Violin and guitar duo formed by musicians from Cuba and Colombia, specialized in playing all kinds of events, from weddings to corporate events.

Oreamuno, Cartago

Flashback Banda de Covers

Live Music Band dedicated to perform covers of the biggest hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and more.We bring you to these days with an unforgettable show, exelent quality of sound and lights

Grupo Dónde Son

We offer entertainment with the group, soloist or instrumental music with saxophone. All kinds of events and we cover all musical genres. For all types of audience and public.

San José | 8365-3682

Palíndromos Teatro Independiente

We have plays and puppets for all occasions. We develop scripts and theater for any activity subject.

Desamparados, San José | 8305-0202

Ana´s Harp- Servicios Musicales con Arpa

Musical services with harp, violin, transverse flute and voice

Escazú, San José | 8841-5936

Academia de Baile Baila SAP

Baila SAP is a dance academy and agency of dancers, entertainers and models.

Goicoechea, San José

Royal Living Tables

Living Tables: They will be a show! They can move and interact with people. They can serve drinks, provide information and stationery. Our artistic cast guarantees our services.

Curridabat, San José | 8834-8153


Music and entertainment

San Carlos, Alajuela | 7240-0919

Luis Fernando Aguilar

Flamenco, classical, latin and pop guitar. Professional-quality music backed by many years of training and experience. Entertaiment and concerts for all kinds of celebration.

Goicoechea, San José | 8841-0383

Dúo Zafiros

Trío Arpegio offers you serenades and live music for all occasions

Alajuela | 8881-2767

Caleidoscopio Producciones

Caleidoscopio producciones is dedicated to executive concert production for private and corporate events, hotel agendas and complementary services.

San José

Asnos Cuerdos

A powerful female voice, guitar, accordion, trumpet and trombone make up an exquisite musical fusion influenced by genres such as Klezmer, Gypsy Jazz, Mussette, Bolero and Latin American rhythms.

San José | 6059-8500

Comparsa LIBERIA

We are pleased to make your party an unforgettable experience, with carnival rhythm and the taste of Samba and tropical music.

Liberia, Guanacaste | 8338-6038

Warren Emes

Live music for all public and private activities; Entertainment for events; emcee, varied live music.

Alajuela | 5703-4625

La Piel de Naranja

Collective of performing artists, focused on the production of shows, events and image.

La Unión, Cartago | 8588-3831


Organization of circus shows, database with 500 talents, excellent customer service, professionalism, personalization, originality and a wide range of comfortable prices.

Heredia | 7008-3488

Mel Saxofonista

Melissa Ramírez Murillo, saxophone player.

Alajuela | 8841-2425

Música Signos

If you need to organize your special event, this information is perfect for you. Let us serve you as you deserve.

San José | 8429-4813

El Octavo Mar

Original songs band. Indie Rock Music. Spanish and english

Vázquez de Coronado, San José | 8807-3093

Calle 506

We are Calle 506, sharing our taste for music. We bring the best vibe and atmosphere for your special event

Escazú, San José | 8364-0448

Dirección Artística

Dirección Artística is a distinguished company with more than 10 years in the labor market, which is dedicated to finding musical talents in the artistic medium.

Mora, San José

Morpho Music

We provide top quality musicians for your events throughout the country. We have the best in technical and human resources.

Liberia, Guanacaste | 8332-0659

Las Hijas de Otro

Performers, creators and producers of Performing Arts. Production and organization of artistic events and consultancy in Cultural Development projects.

San José | 8306-5700
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