Fireworks in Costa Rica

Pyrotechnic shows, fireworks for weddings and any event.
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Pólvora Hermanos Aguilar

CO2, Flames, Cloud Machine, Indoor and Outdoor Powder, Confetti and Piromusical

The whole country


Sales, fireworks shows for weddings, 15 years, private parties, business events, equipment rental for parties. We adjust to your budget!

The whole country

Grupo Eventos Digitales CR

We offer you the best event organization service, Discomovil and professional karaoke, mechanical bull, candy bar, fireworks and much more!

Fuegos Artificiales CAVICA

We are a company specialized in all types of pyrotechnic products, at the forefront of research and the realization of novelties in fireworks.

Cartago | 6292-0202

Volcano Juegos Pirotécnicos La Trinidad

We offer you the best fireworks in the country. In addition cold fireworks, confetti, flames, Co2, illuminated signs with fireworks. We have a wide range of products for your special moments.

Cartago | 8408-8137

Fuegos Artificiales B&G

We are a company that provides all kinds of service in terms of fireworks for weddings, 15 years, festivities and corporate events.

Alajuela | 7142-1051


Fireworks for your events, musical fireworks and the latest special effects. We have all policies and permissions required by regulators.

Alajuela | 8864-5963

Fuego Salvatierra

Imagine an event in the heat of the fire, a different and daring show that will impact your guests. Create unforgettable emotions for your clients and discover a unique experience of music and movemen

Veintisiete De Abril, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste | 8302-9883

Pólvora Ultratek Costa Rica

We specialize in fireworks. With our services we create moments that differentiate your activities, in addition to creating unforgettable photos and memories. We serve the entire country.

Alajuela | 7297-7751


We offer the best lights, sound, DJ, bracelets for events, pyrotechnics, and special effects.

Alajuela | 8864-5963

Fuegos Artificiales B&G

Cartago | 7079-4411
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