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Professional photographers of weddings and events. Digital photography, video and HD footage.
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Arajo Producciones

We cover all kinds of special events and social activities. With state-of-the-art technical equipment and professional photographers


Benzonino Photo

We seek to find the second indicated to portray and eternalize that important moment.

Acosta, San José

Producción Visual S.A.

Audiovisual production services, with more than 14 years in the market and working with recognized brands within and outside Costa Rica.

Mila - Servicios Fotográficos

Mila is a Costa Rican company that specializes in taking photographs of your event or activity at a price that fits your budget.

San José | 8369-1216


The work environment is warm, I can move my team to areas near the greater metropolitan area and count on the necessary elements to adapt to your needs.

San José | 6167-8888

Bodas Siglo 21

Bodas Siglo 21 offers photography production of all kinds of social, corporate, commercial event, etc.

Tibás, San José | 8743-2384

Adriana Ovares Fotografía

Professional and creative photography

Barva, Heredia | 2238-6415

Raíces Fotografía

We are a professional photography service for all your social events. Our goal is to capture the day with natural and organic manner. Accessible to all budgets packages.

San José | 7155-1912

GAC Fotografía

We are a small entrepreneurial company, we are focused on giving our customers the best memories through photography at an affordable price under quality work.

Turrialba, Cartago | 8576-2253

Felix Herrera Photography

Telling stories is what I'm passionate about. My style is a mixture of the romantic glam of Hollywood 20-30-40, in terms of the treatment of light and graceful style.

Montes de Oca, San José | 7237-7460

Visión Fotografía & Video

Our works are a special gift and we are happy to be part of these moments, where they have trusted our talent in deciding to stop time in artistic and unique images.

Heredia | 7243-3050

Luis Araya Fotografía

Our job is to capture moments and leave them forever in your heart, give us the opportunity to be part of your event

Alajuela | 8702-9932


Photography services for all types of activity, more than 20 years in the market. I have worked for different national and international media.

San Rafael, Heredia | 6050-0932

Sergio Zeledón Fotografía

Professional photographer, with experience in advertising, and corporate and social events.

La Unión, Cartago

Óscar Muñoz Fotografía

Óscar Muñoz, I currently have my studio in Poás for the convenience of clients who want landscape and personal photographs, the studio has 5 rooms including a swimming pool.

Flores, Heredia | 7173-2026


GagoPhoto is a photo studio, where we enjoy the art of capturing the essence, with the help of a rich atmosphere and magical lighting that you will get that star that shines within you.

Escazú, San José | 2288-0082

Luciérnaga Producciones CR

A bit of light captured in countless special moments and projects of all kinds through audiovisual production and photography.

Alajuela | 7113-9098

Bride Photo

We are a family company with over ten years experience in the field. Our main concern is to satisfy the demands and needs of our customers.

Desamparados, San José | 7200-6711

Tatiana Ng Fung - Ilustración, diseño y fotografía

My name is Tatiana, I'm a designer, illustrator and photographer. I offer packages of photography and design invitations and portrait illustrations for couple and family.

Belén, Heredia | 8889-8001

Fotografía Greivin Prendas

Custom photo sessions.

Alajuela | 8881-2358

Samuel Baquedano Fotógrafo

Let us be part of that special day

Desamparados, San José | 7204-0982

Gabriel Anta Fotógrafo

Gabriel Anta is a professional photographer specializing in weddings and maternity. He works with his wife Ana Santos and offer the bride and groom packages at affordable prices and high quality.

Limón | 8869-9887

Carlos Céspedes Photography

We offer professional photography services in any field, from fashion to business.

Goicoechea, San José | 8344-2295

Katherine Bolaños Photography

We are a company specialized in photography for events, created by Marka Studio company, event organizer.

Alajuela | 8813-1878

Naara Fotografía

If you've ever wondered where your dreams are born, have a look, here are made ... We offer the best photo service, we make every moment memorable.

San Ramón, Alajuela | 6385-1559

Producción Crvideo

Proudly Costa Ricans and with 12 years of experience in the market, Producción Crvideo is your best choice in photography and video of your special events.

Montes de Oca, San José | 8301-4949

Y&J Studio

Have you ever read a book that inspired you? For us, a photo book is full of details. Y&J Studio want to tell your story.

San José | 7019-9862

Johan J Obando Fotografía

Costa Rican photographer, you can check my work on facebook or instagram, with experience in events, products, fashion, portraits, film and digital, I have excellent quality equipment.

San José | 6067-2447

Frank Photography

We capture that special moment you want to remember over the time.

Santa Bárbara, Heredia | 7076-9646

Pabloss Vision

Photography and video services for weddings and 15 years. Events in general.

San José | 8619-2006
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