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Shonen Sound

We are a Rock band that plays Openings and Endings of the Anime that so many incredible memories left us.

The whole country

Humberto Brenes Binns

Over 12 years experience as a guitarist and singer in all kinds of events. Varied music in Spanish and English, romance, boleros, trova. Latin dance music. Availability throughout the country.

The whole country

Ágape Servicios Musicales

We bring high quality live music to your event. We have professional musicians trained in the best institutions in the country and various instrumental formats according to the taste of the client.

The whole country

Son Latino Discomóvil

FREE solo singer, animation, led lights, neon light, laser lights, moving heads, truss structure, bubbles, fog, wireless microphones, projectors.

San José

Zahra Belly Dance

We are dedicated to Belly Dance performances. Moreover, within our services it is providing classes for you to make your own presentation at your event.


Dirección Artística

Dirección Artística is a distinguished company with more than 10 years in the labor market, which is dedicated to finding musical talents in the artistic medium.

Las 4 melodías

We encourage all kinds of events: religious ceremony, reception, baptisms, fifteen years, corporate events, product launches.

San José | 8638-0014

Grupo Music Mangle

Mangle Group Costa Rica. I appreciate your attention and I am at your service. Note: According to the format they need

San José | 8639-1144

Grupo Musical Taboga Band

Musical Group with a wide musical trajectory, extensive repertoire, very cheerful music special for dance concert, modern music, souvenir music, tropical movement for all kinds of people.

Goicoechea | 8383-9396

Eventos Musicales Greivin Castillo

We offer the widest range of musical alternatives according to your taste and budget.


Productor Soley

National and international events, bands, sound, lights, platforms, structures, bracelets, tents, power plants, safety, projectors, photography, household items, furniture events.

Curridabat | 8838-2771

Música Signos

If you need to organize your special event, this information is perfect for you. Let us serve you as you deserve.

San José | 8429-4813

Aritha Blake

We create unforgettable environments through music. We are passionate about what we do and that is why we share it with you.

San José | 7153-5610


Cadenza offers variety of musical ensembles for special events. Harp, guitar, voice, violin and flute are some of the instruments we offer.

San José | 8491-0739

Comparsa Guadalupana

Carnival group, samba type, dancers and the own band, to culminate your party with a cheerful dance Carnival interacted with the public.

San José | 8366-2374

Artempo Eventos Musicales

Musicians in different formats for social events. Professionals with over 10 years of experience. Professionalism, elegance and commitment to the customer characterizes us.

Moravia | 7076-9496

GAUDIUM - Música Eventos religiosos y culturales

Music for Weddings and Religious Events

Goicoechea | 8788-2198

Grupo Xtracto

It has prices from 100.00 dollars onwards in this 2021 We are the music professionals.

Desamparados | 8399-0735

Eventos Especiales

We are a cast accompanying weddings, quinceanera, parties, anniversaries, serenades, special meetings, cimarronas, romantic nights, birthdays.

Vázquez de Coronado | 8973-1394

Palíndromos Teatro Independiente

We have plays and puppets for all occasions. We develop scripts and theater for any activity subject.

Desamparados | 8305-0202

El Octavo Mar

Original songs band. Indie Rock Music. Spanish and english

Vázquez de Coronado | 8807-3093

Trío Incondicional

You will delight with very nice music for your parties, prayers, bachelor, etc., all at a low cost and with professionals who will make your business a success.

San José | 8815-6798

Producciones La Favorita

Our service is characterized by musical quality. Our musicians are professionals with extensive experience. We have shows of envivo music for cocktails, Christmas show

San José | 8566-7909

Lucho Calavera

Lucho Calavera, multi-talented artist, musician, composer, performer. With several shows according to your event.

San José | 8391-8034

Royal Living Tables

Living Tables: They will be a show! They can move and interact with people. They can serve drinks, provide information and stationery. Our artistic cast guarantees our services.

Curridabat | 8834-8153

Piano Instrumental

?? For meetings and various events. ?? The price is valid for the outskirts of Heredia and downtown San José ?? Dates are scheduled against half the deposit (15,000). Days 24 and 25 work with normal

Tibás | 8594-0090

Producciones Requete

RREQUETE with more than 20 years in the middle of the entertainment and animation of national and international events, has for you the best of the best ... Turn on with us !!

Escazú | 2289-9336

Teatro Contraluz

Offer of our shows where puppets, theater and music are mixed. Contraluz is a children's theater group with more than 15 years of experience.


Aurora Entertainment

We produce Music,Entertainment & logistics for: Weddings,Corporate events,Private events, Especial producctions,Concerts,Brand Lauch,Run ways and More.

San José | 7299-4192

Cristian Mejia Música en Vivo

Live music for all kind of events Cristian Mejía

Escazú | 8364-0448
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