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Ágape Servicios Musicales

We bring high quality live music to your event. We have professional musicians trained in the best institutions in the country and various instrumental formats according to the taste of the client.

The whole country

Humberto Brenes Binns

Singer and guitarrist with more than 15 years of experinces in private events all kind, all rithms. Romantic, trova, ranchera, boleros, rock spanish and english, clasics, and latin dance music.

The whole country

Mauricio Barquero Lobo

Live music and animation for all events in Duo format (plate and dance shows) additional: DJ, karaoke with a giant screen and the jackal with the trumpet.

The whole country

Richard Castro Cantante

Live singer for all kinds of events (wedding, birthday, business, salons, bars)

The whole country


We have musical formats for ceremonies, receptions, cocktails, cultural events, product presentations or private parties, either with instrumental or sung ensembles.

San José

Mariachi Nuevo Zacatecas

The price of the service starts at 45 thousand colones, serenade 8 complete songs, with the best service in value for money, Mariachi Nuevo Zacatecas.

The whole country

El Charro Gabriel Morúa

Costa Rican singer of ranchera music noted for elegance, professionalism and seriousness. Gabriel Morúa has more than 10 years in the animation of all kinds of events.

The whole country

Son Latino Discomóvil

Live singer for all kinds of events, weddings, birthdays, parties, select the repertoire to your liking, lights, sound and animation

San José

Lorenzo Antonio

Versatile and professional singer, former singer of renowned Costa Rican and Mexico bands, varied repertoire, proven experience and professionalism.

Grupo Music Mangle

Mangle Group Costa Rica. I appreciate your attention and I am at your service. Note: According to the format they need

San José | 8639-1144

Las Hijas de Otro

Performers, creators and producers of Performing Arts. Production and organization of artistic events and consultancy in Cultural Development projects.

San José | 8306-5700

Productor Soley

National and international events, bands, sound, lights, platforms, structures, bracelets, tents, power plants, safety, projectors, photography, household items, furniture events.

Curridabat | 8838-2771

Las 4 melodías

We encourage all kinds of events: religious ceremony, reception, baptisms, fifteen years, corporate events, product launches.

San José | 8638-0014


Loud4 is a band dedicated to interpreting classic rock covers 60's, 70's and 80's. With more than 8 years of experience. Songs adapted to a mold of pure rock'n roll in its purest definition

Tibás | 8875-7124

Dirección Artística

Dirección Artística is a distinguished company with more than 10 years in the labor market, which is dedicated to finding musical talents in the artistic medium.


Zahra Belly Dance

We are dedicated to Belly Dance performances. Moreover, within our services it is providing classes for you to make your own presentation at your event.

San José | 8372-1376

Cardamomo Producciones

Cardamomo is recognized for its high cultural value, its aesthetic proposal and by encouraging innovation and creativity through music and dance.

San José | 8379-2447

Producciones La Favorita

Our service is characterized by musical quality. Our musicians are professionals with extensive experience. We have shows of envivo music for cocktails, Christmas show

San José | 8566-7909

Academia de Baile Baila SAP

Baila SAP is a dance academy and agency of dancers, entertainers and models.


Grupo Musical Eclipse

Instrumental music for all occasions, the best choice for your event. Weddings, brand launches, private parties, etc. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

Escazú | 8364-0448

Carlos Brenes - Pianista & Dúo Matiz

The best of dance music for your party, ... from the 60's to the newest

Goicoechea | 8348-0349

Antología del Recuerdo

Classic Rock of 60, 70, 80, 90 and more, from great singers like zepellin, janis joplin, deep purple, Tina Turner, Sade, good atmosphere and animation.

San José | 7105-8168

Grupo Clave 6

Clave 6 Musical Group, for all types of Celebration ...

Santa Ana | 8832-2238

Música para Eventos LESFAM

We are a string quartet: violin, viola, violoncello and guitar.

San José | 8693-2032

Aritha Blake

....There are many musical options right? ... Click and let yourself be carried away by the colors, the sounds, the mix of cultures and the magic of the interpretation.

San José | 7126-1251

Shonen Sound

We are a Rock band that plays Openings and Endings of the Anime that so many incredible memories left us.

San José | 6022-0333


Company of professional artists with more than 10 years of experience in the field of performing arts and design. It is dedicated to the management, production and implementation of projects.

San José | 8759-6257

Proyecto Musical Anestei

Choir for Weddings, birthdays, receptions, dinners, Masses, funerals and more! High quality music at a very affordable price! We will beautify your activity with music according to your taste!

San José

Grupo de bailes folclóricos Rosas de Oro

Folkloric Costa Rican dances by older adults.

Goicoechea | 8890-8839

Eventos Especiales

We are a cast accompanying weddings, quinceanera, parties, anniversaries, serenades, special meetings, cimarronas, romantic nights, birthdays.

Vázquez de Coronado | 8973-1394
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