Mobile bars in Costa Rica

Drinks, liquors and international cocktails catering with certified bartenders. Mobile bar service.
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Drinks Coctelería

15 years in the market, with 4 luxury mobile bars, 1 shot cart, more than 500 weddings, with equipment for large events, as specialists in all kinds of drinks. We are Drinks

Atenas, Alajuela

La Barra Libre

Drink management at special events. Distilled, shaken, mixed or liquefied cocktails. in closed format (by number of tickets) or unlimited "open bar". Experience and professionalism.

San Pablo, Heredia

Only Party Drinks

We are a company specialized in cocktails and drinks for all types of events, activating your senses!

Fiesta Cocktail

Welcome to Fiesta Cocktail. We offer a new concept in Flair Bartenders shows and cocktail bar that will give the unique touch to your event.

Santa Ana, San José | 8887-3878

QL Cocktails & Drinks

We have a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails, you can vary up to 3 options in a single event.

Alajuela | 6407-4634

GastroBarra & Mr. Shot

We give a plus to your event which will be full of surprises.

Grecia, Alajuela | 7231-9530

Glam Cocktails

Expert mixologists and high-end cocktail designers. We use the latest trend giving the customer a unique experience.

Santa Ana, San José | 8882-3774

Mobile Drinks

Professional Bartending and mobile cocktail service for events.

San Vicente, Moravia, San José | 7174-2442

BaR Xtreme Luxury Mobile Bartending

We fill your private event with color and flavor, we have all-inclusive packages or limited packages, Mocktails packages, bars. We see small events and massive events. We are here to serve you.

El Tejar, El Guarco, Cartago | 6049-0144

El Bartender

We are a venture dedicated to the art of mixing drinks to combine it with first class gastronomy.

Heredia | 6290-7617

Barista Events Costa Rica

BARISTAS / Mobile coffee bars / Open Espresso Bar / Coffee Infusions / Frappés / Coffee Cocktail Bar

San José | 8705-2254

Eventos Código de Barras

Thematic Mobile Bar, Waitresses/Bartenders, Dried Fruits without added sugar.

San José | 8720-4805

Los Guaros CR

We are a company that distributes liquors with incredibly low prices compared to the current market, our liquors are 100% original and we have a great variety from liters to minis.

Desamparados, San José | 6297-8567

Lico Eventos

We bring the best range of liquors to your event and we facilitate all the logistics related to drinks. We are not a cocktail bar, nor do we do mixology.

Alajuela | 7143-2132


We'll throw the party with you! We have fully trained staff for private events, corporate events, concerts, festivals, etc.

San Rafael, La Unión, Cartago | 6121-8720

Cheers & Cocktails

Welcome to Cheers&Cocktails, where the magic of cocktails comes to life and the fun flows without limits. We are creators of unforgettable moments and high quality experiences for your event.

Santa Ana, San José | 8751-3513

The Bar

The Bar, was born from the combination of our experience and the best mixology techniques, which is the essence of our company. We offer a wide range of cocktails and drinks for your event

Heredia | 8931-3168


We are a company that offers cocktail services for all types of events and celebrations... We offer cocktails and drinks to make your event unique.

Barva, Heredia | 7268-9374

Cocktail Boys

Pioneers in mixology and flair shows in Costa Rica, we offer a range of services in bars, cocktails and drinks. Only company in the country with light bartenders and thematic services.

Escazú, San José | 2203-6343

Open Flair Bartender

Flair Bartender Show: Bartenders perform impressive acrobatics and choreography with bottles and cocktail shakers. Classic Cocktails: made with premium liquors of quality and elegance.

Alajuela | 6319-3932

Korú Coworking Gastronómico

Company that offers tasting events for wine, spirits, beers and gourmet products. The tastings can be for celebrations or business. We also offer workshops and courses.

Cartago | 8405-7056

Alquimia Coctelería

We are a company specialized in mixology all kinds of cocktails giving our customers an unforgettable experience

Santa Ana, San José | 6188-0169

Il Capello Bianco

We are a food service company dedicated to supplying integral Catering Service solutions. We work closely with our clients from the first contact.

San José | 6011-9805

La Cafetera

Mobile cafeteria for private events, specialty coffee.

San Juan, Tibás, San José | 8844-6488