Photographers in San José

Professional photographers of weddings and events. Digital photography, video and HD footage.
San José
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Arajo Producciones

We cover all kinds of special events and social activities. With state-of-the-art technical equipment and professional photographers

The whole country

Something Blue

We specialize in WEDDINGS. We convert your most important moments in unique and unforgettable images. Different, fresh and original photos.

San José

Photobooth Costa Rica

Photobooth services for events, brands, weddings and fifteen years.

Foto Video Eventos

We have over 30 years offering photo, high quality video and sound services. Always with the best quality and service.

San José


The work environment is warm, I can move my team to areas near the greater metropolitan area and count on the necessary elements to adapt to your needs.

San José | 6167-8888

S & Q Fotografía y Video Profesional

Keep all those unforgettable moments! Weddings, 15 years, social and corporate events. All in photography and digital video.

Tibás | 8383-7958

Indigo Producciones

Recording of business and social events, professional wedding video, mass and corporate events, commercials, viral videos, editing and 2D animation.

Moravia | 6059-3191

Images from my Wedding

Our secret is to portray the nature of time and turn it into an image of the smallest details, that make the magic of this special day.

San José | 8993-1824

Weddings & More

Professional photography and mobile disco for your special occasion.

San José | 8687-6129

Producción Crvideo

Proudly Costa Ricans and with 12 years of experience in the market, Producción Crvideo is your best choice in photography and video of your special events.

Montes de Oca | 8301-4949

Photo SM

We put our heart and talent into our work, so much so that we capture in each image a beautiful smile and a beautiful memory

San José | 8466-7210

Saiccs Fotografía

We are aware of how important it is for you to have a beautiful collection of images that captures the essence of your day with a style that is intimate, relaxed, funny and professional.

San José | 8817-8565

JCG Fotografía

Professional photography of weddings and events in general. Studio photography, advertising, portraits and books of models.

San José | 8377-0885

TSD Fotografía

Professional photography services. We are capable to accomplish most fields of photography (just ask), we are specialized in events, weddings, food and bussiness.

Montes de Oca | 7104-0344

FCI Fotografía

We are a multiple service organization for corporate and social events, photography, video, theme parties and we improve any quote.

Escazú | 6478-4248

Pablo Chacón - Fotografía

Professional photography for all types of events, experience, quality and reliability guaranteed.

San José | 8840-8036

Y&J Studio

Have you ever read a book that inspired you? For us, a photo book is full of details. Y&J Studio want to tell your story.

San José | 7019-9862

Pabloss Vision

Photography and video services for weddings and 15 years. Events in general.

San José | 8619-2006

Foto Roger Ruíz

I am a professional dedicated to professional photography since 2009. I have experience in all kinds of events from fashion shows to weddings.

Escazú | 6004-3948

El Estudio Fotografía

We are lovers of art photographers. We have created a conditioned space to capture your most beautiful memories. We offer a quality work with which you will feel more than satisfied.

Escazú | 6378-2553

Raíces Fotografía

We are a professional photography service for all your social events. Our goal is to capture the day with natural and organic manner. Accessible to all budgets packages.

San José | 7155-1912

Samuel Baquedano Fotógrafo

Let us be part of that special day

Desamparados | 7204-0982

Icöno Fotografía

Icöno Fotografía is a collective project created in 2010, focused on providing professional services in the area of ??commercial photography in Costa Rica.

San José

Foto Arte CR

Product Photography, Gastronomy and Architecture.

Santa Ana | 7131-4849

Jarib González Fotografía y Video

Through my creations, I seek to capture a special moment so that you can relive it as the day it happened. Full list of packages:

Escazú | 7019-9862

Vic Fotografía

We seek to capture the most real, spontaneous and the most intimate essence of your wedding day. We will be honored to be part of this special occasion that you will remember with love.

Curridabat | 8821-3849

Jimmy Córdoba Fotografía

Jimmy Córdoba is a professional photojournalist, which will shape your most cherished memories for life, with excellence and quality.


Bodas Siglo 21

Bodas Siglo 21 offers photography production of all kinds of social, corporate, commercial event, etc.

Tibás | 8743-2384

Kchg Photography

We are dedicated to photography where we frame your special moments.

Desamparados | 6041-8401

Bride Photo

We are a family company with over ten years experience in the field. Our main concern is to satisfy the demands and needs of our customers.

Desamparados | 7200-6711
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