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Drinks, liquors and international cocktails catering with certified bartenders. Mobile bar service in Cartago.
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Drinks Coctelería

15 years in the market, with 4 luxury mobile bars, 1 shot cart, more than 500 weddings, with equipment for large events, as specialists in all kinds of drinks. We are Drinks

BaR Xtreme Luxury Mobile Bartending
El Guarco

BaR Xtreme Luxury Mobile Bartending

We fill your private event with color and flavor, we have all-inclusive packages or limited packages, Mocktails packages, bars. We see small events and massive events. We are here to serve you.

La Unión


We'll throw the party with you! We have fully trained staff for private events, corporate events, concerts, festivals, etc.

Korú Coworking Gastronómico

Company that offers tasting events for wine, spirits, beers and gourmet products. The tastings can be for celebrations or business. We also offer workshops and courses.

Cartago | 8405-7056

Café Metropoli

We have specialty coffees from different Costa Rican regions, providing a different and unique experience, with extensive experience in the area of ??barman.

Cartago | 8880-4249