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Caterers for weddings and parties in San Isidro. Catering companies for corporate events.
San Isidro
Mauricio Barquero Lobo
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Mauricio Barquero Lobo

We have food service for your events, contact us and get a 100% guaranteed all-inclusive.

San Isidro

Beso Sala de Eventos

Our room has capacity for up to 300 people. The proximity to San José, Heredia and Alajuela, makes us a strategic place for group stays.

San Isidro

Eventos y Catering Service El Angel

Company designed to provide the solution that our customers need, a range of products for their activities.

Flavors Catering & Personal Chef Service

We offer a variety of delicious and unique options. We give maximum flavor and freshness using our own soups, sauces and breads. We only use fresh herbs and vegetables.

San Isidro | 8549-0229

Grupo Gauma

We are a company that provides food services and production of events in general. We have enough experience in social and corporate events.

San Isidro | 8836-7502

Jilguero Azul

Jilguero Azul is a multi-events venue.

San Isidro | 8670-2817

Mucca Caffe

San Isidro