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Café Fusión

Extensive experience in the food service in several of its facets. Many of his colleagues (Chef, waiters, supervisors, etc.) have 25 years of experience.

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Al Sabor del Ché (Pablo Gabas)

We're your best choice in terms of food and drinks! We offer the best and most complete traditional Argentine barbecue. Attended by Pablo Gabas and his wife Dayana Guillen.



We are a company with 20 years of experience, with highly qualified personnel, products of very good quality and we make your event unforgettable, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Eventos Tecmileniocr

365 24/7 DJ, NEON (lights, makeup and articles for carnival), parties, DJs, animators, face painting, Neon decoration.



We are a company dedicated to the planning and execution of all kinds of events. We specialize in weddings, fifteen years, first communions, corporate events, urban tourism, among others.

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Eventos Trinity

We work with selected high quality products to guarantee an exquisite experience and the success of your event. Variety of menus according to your budget.

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Catering Parrillero by Naked Grill

Give a fun and delicious touch to your events, surprise your guests with a Catering Grill.


Garden Plaza

In Garden Plaza we distinguish ourselves by the taste and distinction of our dishes, dishes elegantly served, generous portions, made with love by our team led by international chef

The whole country

Rincón Parrillero

We are a catering service specialized in barbecues. 10 years of experience grilling for corporate, social and private events.

MTM Catering by Bespoke Burrito

Events created to your needs, we specialize in not only provide a food service but also a comprehensive advice from start to finish of your activity.

San José | 8836-7502

Costa Rica Nuestro Catering

Costa Rica Nuestro Catering is a company, with 25 years of experience, dedicated to the organization and development of yours corporate and social activities; providing catering service

Santa Ana | 6120-4396

Génesis Eventos y Catering Service

We are dedicated to providing food service, organizing family and social events and more.

Curridabat | 8922-6755

Catering Service Darmich

Growing company, young and dynamic, organizer and producer of events in full.


Don Preocup

With a wide variety of menus, we can do exactly what you're looking for, before and after your special event! Amazing bartenders and an incredible staff to serve at your event, anywhere and anytime

Escazú | 8320-9911

Mariana's Catering Service

With over 17 years of experience, we provide catering services with a wide variety of menus for any celebration and according to your budget.

San José | 8372-1376

Castillo Catering Service

We are your best choice to make your special and private events. We provide you everything you need for your events.

Tibás | 8391-9808

B&M Kitchen

Company dedicated to the accomplishment of events, production and sale of food, with more than 10 years of experience. We offer a complete service, with farms, decoration, flowers, music, etc.

Tibás | 8837-1200

Ceres Catering Service

Ceres Catering Service aims to offer food for any special activity, from entrees, delicious snacks and menus with innovative combinations.


Naans & Curries - An Ethnic Indian Restaurant

For a memorable wedding or private event. Chefs from India. Traditional Tandoor oven for fresh naan breads, BBQ. Indian food and drinks. Buffet, family style or exclusive style.

Santa Ana | 8316-5554

Bodas Don Fernández, los especialistas en Bodas

All you need for that special date, the best market prices and extensive experience.


Novias Fiesta Catering Service

We specialize in Weddings, Baby Shower, Basket Tea and all kinds of special events.

Desamparados | 7200-6711

Creative Catering

Catering for family and corporate events.

Santa Ana | 6127-6569

D’Colors Eventos Especiales

We are a leading company in the organization of special events, we offer a wide and extensive range of services.

Santa Ana | 8706-5367

Gourmet Catering

Catering Boutique, specialized in all type of events. Our motto is quality, style and service. We work together with the finest details with our production of event planning.

Santa Ana | 8818-5765


We provide food services at home and catering. Paprika born in 2015 with the purpose of make eating, a unique experience.

Montes de Oca | 8826-9615

La Montañita Food Solutions

La Montañita Food Solutions is a new innovative venture to meet all food needs.

Aserrí | 7010-3589

ABD Soluciones Integrales

We are a producer and organizer of all types of events, we take care of hiring all the services you need in order to create the event of your dreams according to your needs.

San José | 8708-6185

F. Chen Chef

Specialized in Asian cuisine, Chef at home service, advice to companies on food and beverage, and gastronomic solutions. Asian and international dishes at the highest level.

San José | 7046-1920

Catering Service DAD

Food service for weddings, parties, seminars, workshops, any activity that requires it.

San José | 6015-1015

TGM Catering Service

We are specialized in Food Services, we offer an extensive menu and excellent service.

San José | 7043-7080
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