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Caterers for weddings and parties in San José. Catering companies for corporate events.
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Café Fusión

Extensive experience in the food service in several of its facets. Many of his colleagues (Chef, waiters, supervisors, etc.) have 25 years of experience.

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Don Fernández Catering Service

Catering service para bodas, 15 años, baby showers, te despedida de soltera, parrilladas y todo tipo de evento especial.

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Eventos Tecmileniocr

365 24/7 DJ, NEON (lights, makeup and articles for carnival), parties, DJs, animators, face painting, Neon decoration.

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Eventos Trinity

We work with selected high quality products to guarantee an exquisite experience and the success of your event. Variety of menus according to your budget.



We are a company dedicated to the planning and execution of all kinds of events. We specialize in weddings, fifteen years, first communions, corporate events, urban tourism, among others.

San José

Eventos Especiales Angelus

Come make unforgettable memories

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Catering Parrillero by Naked Grill

Give a fun and delicious touch to your events, surprise your guests with a Catering Grill.


Eventos Girasol

We provide our customers variety of food services with high quality standards, for corporate and personal events.

San José

Catering Food & Smiles

We have delicious meal options to corporate and social events. All ready to serve!

Villas Catering

Catering for all kinds of event, rental of household goods and decoration.

San José

Novias Fiesta Catering Service

We specialize in Weddings, Baby Shower, Basket Tea and all kinds of special events.

Desamparados | 7200-6711

Catering Service Eventos Buen Gusto

The quality of our dishes and service, and attention to customer service will make us your best option.

Desamparados | 8990-7663

Top Food Catering Service

Top Food is an innovative, service-oriented company that specializes in handmade food made from fresh ingredients.

San José | 8409-7990

La Montañita Food Solutions

La Montañita Food Solutions is a new innovative venture to meet all food needs.

Aserrí | 7010-3589

Fusion Servicios Gastronómicos Y ECO Market

We are a company dedicated to meet all the needs in the planning and production of corporate and social events. Excellent service and quality of our kitchen distinguishes us!!

Montes de Oca | 7037-6753

Eventos Especiales Carnival del Sur

Company dedicated to the organization of special events, with highly professional services. We have 8 years experience in the domestic market.

San José | 8813-0910

Tako Loko

We are your solution for a DIFFERENT event... you no longer need a passport to eat in MEXICO... Food made at the moment with MEXICAN ingredients and flavor

San José | 7239-2773

F. Chen Chef

Specialized in Asian cuisine, Chef at home service, advice to companies on food and beverage, and gastronomic solutions. Asian and international dishes at the highest level.

San José | 7046-1920

Catering Service Maray

We are a company with more than 25 years of experience. We specialize in institutional events, weddings, graduations, home delivery and barbecues.

Vázquez de Coronado | 2294-5450

Entre Migas "La Boutique del Pan"

Entre Migas is committed to providing our customers with gastronomic services and bakers within a quality framework that meets their needs and expectations.

Goicoechea | 8836-7502


We are specialists in spoiling your guests, with a menu totally to your liking. We have Subs Party Trays, wraps, cookie trays, and even a Sub Giant of 1.80 meters!

Montes de Oca | 4052-9494

TGM Catering Service

We are specialized in Food Services, we offer an extensive menu and excellent service.

San José | 7043-7080

Sima Eventos Parrilladas & Catering Infantil

More than events we sell memorable experiences for you, your collaborators and their loved ones.

Desamparados | 7231-3914

Il Capello Bianco

We are a food service company dedicated to supplying integral Catering Service solutions. We work closely with our clients from the first contact.

San José | 6011-9805