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Caterers for weddings and parties in San José. Catering companies for corporate events.
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Café Fusión

Extensive experience in the food service in several of its facets. Many of his colleagues (Chef, waiters, supervisors, etc.) have 25 years of experience.

The whole country

Al Sabor del Ché (Pablo Gabas)

We're your best choice in terms of food and drinks! We offer the best and most complete traditional Argentine barbecue. Attended by Pablo Gabas and his wife Dayana Guillen.

The whole country

Eventos Tecmileniocr

365 24/7 DJ, NEON (lights, makeup and articles for carnival), parties, DJs, animators, face painting, Neon decoration.

The whole country

Coco Grill & Parrilladas

The true taste of our people, we move to any part of the country



We are a company dedicated to the planning and execution of all kinds of events. We specialize in weddings, fifteen years, first communions, corporate events, urban tourism, among others.

The whole country

Eventos Trinity

We work with selected high quality products to guarantee an exquisite experience and the success of your event. Variety of menus according to your budget.

The whole country

Rincón Parrillero

We are a catering service specialized in barbecues. 10 years of experience grilling for corporate, social and private events.

The whole country

Catering Parrillero by Naked Grill

Give a fun and delicious touch to your events, surprise your guests with a Catering Grill.

San José

Eventos Especiales Angelus

The delicacies of our chefs will elevate your guest spirits creating unforgettable moments and memories

The whole country

Parrillada Hidalgo Catering Service

With more than 17 doing live bbq and 100% on the grill, All kinds of events: Family, Business, weddings, graduations, we travel throughout the country, from 15 people onwards.

Santa Ana

Pepiaditas gourtmet

We offer a catering show of Venezuelan style arepas for all kinds of events.


Don Preocup

With a wide variety of menus, we can do exactly what you're looking for, before and after your special event! Amazing bartenders and an incredible staff to serve at your event, anywhere and anytime

Mana's Bakery

Catering Services, candy bar, Confectionery and Pastry.

Santa Ana | 6288-8603

Producciones Gufi

Company dedicated to entertainment, with more than 14 years in the domestic market. We specialize in private parties, proms, 15 years, weddings, baby showers, and company parties.

Tibás | 8350-3567

Catering Service Globo Fiesta

Our company presents itself as an excellent alternative counseling and offering multiple services in the market of Costa Rica, to facilitate the organization of your events.

Curridabat | 2276-3217

Sabor al Dente

Sabor Al Dente is a food and beverage company formed by professionals in culinary arts, with expertise in national and international cuisine.

Santa Ana

Il Capello Bianco

We are a food service company dedicated to supplying integral Catering Service solutions. We work closely with our clients from the first contact.

San José | 6011-9805

Exquisitez Catering Service

We are a catering with added values ??and extensive experience in the market. We have menus for every occasion and event, or we design it according to your taste.

San José

Bakery and Media

Home Made Bakery! You are looking for a special gift? How about a sweet custom option? Contact us and place your order!

Escazú | 6244-9869

Eventos Girasol

We provide our customers variety of food services with high quality standards, for corporate and personal events.

Moravia | 8772-0984


We provide food services at home and catering. Paprika born in 2015 with the purpose of make eating, a unique experience.

Montes de Oca | 8826-9615

Catering Service Maray

We are a company with more than 25 years of experience. We specialize in institutional events, weddings, graduations, home delivery and barbecues.

Vázquez de Coronado | 2294-5450

Sueños de Chocolate Catering Service

We are a company dedicated to providing quality food and services at the best prices.


Donde Ronald Catering Services

We have expertise in any event, catering, barbecues and / or decoration.

San José

Tako Loko

We are your solution for a DIFFERENT event... you no longer need a passport to eat in MEXICO... Food made at the moment with MEXICAN ingredients and flavor

San José | 7239-2773

ABD Soluciones Integrales

We are a producer and organizer of all types of events, we take care of hiring all the services you need in order to create the event of your dreams according to your needs.

San José | 8708-6185

Mogo Eventos Especiales & Catering Service

We organize your event, weddings, baby showers, fifteen years, birthdays, anniversaries, proms, cocktail parties, special events, corporate events and more.

Vázquez de Coronado | 8921-1301

Hemisferio Catering & Grill

Personalized or Corporate food service .........

Tibás | 7018-7817

Don Fernández Catering Service

Catering service para bodas, 15 años, baby showers, te despedida de soltera, parrilladas y todo tipo de evento especial.

Desamparados | 6071-1441

Verita Catering Service

We specialize in high-level events and great tasting dishes. We work corporate events and individuals. Commitment to high quality, responsibility and good food.

San José | 8328-2632
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