Ranches, barns & estates in Puntarenas

Barns for weddings and events in Puntarenas, estates and ranches for parties and recreation.
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Alajuela, Puntarenas

Britannia CRC

More than just a party ranch. It is a five-star British-style hotel where you will be surprised by our personalized attention to our clients for a very fair price.

The whole country

Coco Grill & Parrilladas

We have options for fifths, farms and halls throughout the country

The whole country

Eventos Trinity

We have fifths for parties inside and outside the GAM 15 minutes from SJ: with pools, ranches, lounges, green areas, sports fields, etc. Ideals for team buildings, convivios, assemblies solid., Et

Quinta Monte Laurel

Beautiful farm located in Miramar just 1 hour from San José, and 20 minutes from Puntarenas downtown.

Montes de Oro | 8831-2559

Alvarados farm

Beautiful farm located in Puntarenas, just 15 minutes from the sea, and 5 from the caldera

Esparza | 8803-9666

O'Pacifico Hotel

OPacifico Hotel located in Playa Naranjo, Puntarenas. Magical Boutique Hotel to disconnect from the daily routine and perform events such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, among others.

Puntarenas | 8403-3333

Cabaña Don Pío

Puntarenas | 7109-6299

Daosy Consultores del General S.A

Esparza | 8701-4371