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Don Fernández Catering Service

Catering service para bodas, 15 años, baby showers, te despedida de soltera, parrilladas y todo tipo de evento especial.

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Al Sabor del Ché (Pablo Gabas)

We're your best choice in terms of food and drinks! We offer the best and most complete traditional Argentine barbecue. Attended by Pablo Gabas and his wife Dayana Guillen.

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Café Fusión

Extensive experience in the food service in several of its facets. Many of his colleagues (Chef, waiters, supervisors, etc.) have 25 years of experience.

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Eventos Tecmileniocr

365 24/7 DJ, NEON (lights, makeup and articles for carnival), parties, DJs, animators, face painting, Neon decoration.

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Coco Grill & Parrilladas

The true taste of our people, we move to any part of the country

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Rincón Parrillero

We are a catering service specialized in barbecues. 10 years of experience grilling for corporate, social and private events.

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Eventos Trinity

We work with selected high quality products to guarantee an exquisite experience and the success of your event. Variety of menus according to your budget.

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Catering Parrillero by Naked Grill

Give a fun and delicious touch to your events, surprise your guests with a Catering Grill.

Montes de Oro

Sabores Porteños Santamaría

The taste makes the difference. A magical flavor that satisfies all tastes at all ages.

Catering Service Ilusiones

We are a company created to give you the best for your event, offering the best prices, and high-end decor.


Chef Rubí Rubí

We take your wedding party all kinds of event with your expectations in the best way

Garabito | 8455-7280

Central Pacific Events Catering Service

We are professional in all kinds of events, where you want them, on the beach or in your garden, where you prefer. It is a pleasure to serve you, please contact us.

Parrita | 8329-6718

Your Private Chef Jaco

Chef Bruno and Maud. We offer creative breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners with the formula that best suits your needs.

Garabito | 8995-4946

Chef Pablo Turel

Catering Services for private parties, corporate, family and wedding events.

Garabito | 8730-8677

Encuentros Food Service

We are dedicated to the production of events, under the modality of events all inclusive. Public and private events

Puntarenas | 7291-3636

Tropical Catering Service

We provide catering services and organization of events throughout the area of ??the central Pacific.


Catering Service Manuel Antonio

Quepos | 8329-6718

La Cocina de Jose Pablo

Puntarenas | 8827-9739

Catering Service Torrejas

Esparza | 2635-5679