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SAN JUAN, SAN JUAN - Avenida de Diego
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  PROMOTION: You got engaged at Christmas
Congratulations on your commitment! Now, the world must know! I give you an extra hour in your photo session and I give you the hybrid video to use as an invitation to your wedding! 3 hours of Love Story and hybrid video for $ 1,300. This is a gift for you, take advantage of it and happy Christmas! (valid until: January 24, 2019)
We are passionate about combining the art of photography and film to create unforgettable memories. We capture every detail of that special day.
Services: Weddings, Destination Weddings, Love Story, Quinceañeros.
Carmelo De Mitri
+1 787-485-0917
Avenida de Diego
(San Juan)
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De Mitri Busquets Photo-Cinematographer, photographers in Puerto Rico.

Event Types

Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, corporate meetings, congresses, conferences, seminars, product launches, cultural, social, artistic and sweet 16.
Wedding Shooting
Documentary version, summary Highlight version of the best moments and our distinctive hybrid video / Pictures
$ 950
(plus taxes)
Wedding photography
Unlimited Photography 8+ hours in Puerto Rico / Pictures
$ 2,500
(plus taxes)
In this magical environment, we took pictures, videos and aerial footage with our drone. If you want complete coverage of the memories of your day, we can help you.
We love the posed and spontaneous capture
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