Cakes in Bayamón

Birthday cakes, weddings, gourmet pastry, cookies.
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Tema Libre


Cakes 100% homemade. We specialize in custom cakes, style "Free Theme". Desserts, Snacks, Candy Bars, Cupcakes, Reminders, decoration and more.

Elegant and delicious cakes. Creative and stylish designs. Choose your favorite flavor, color and design.

Homemade Ponqués for every occasion. The cupcakes are made with excellent quality products. Send us your idea and we will help.

Cakes for all occasions 100% home made, prices according to your budget. From $ 2.00 the piece, laminated.

We delight our customers and make their activities a success. Express yourself with sweetness in that special moment.

We do everything based on pampers.

Cakes for all occasions, baked goods shop, pastry workshops and seminars.

We perform any style of cake on a beautiful work of art in sugar.

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