Photo-essay Love Story

JJ Photo Art
Date: February 15, 2020
Place: Hacienda Lealtad
This couple came to me because they wanted to take some vintage photos and create a story of "Forbidden Love" pretending that the bride's parents do not want the boyfriend and the bride has the dilemma that "wants but should not." With much effort and dedication we created a story, we looked for the costumes, the place and examples of what we wanted to project and we made the story. Thanks to Hacienda Lealtad for the impressive location that could not have combined

The wait

The bride is perfumed for her boyfriend

The bride is ready and the boyfriend realizes

She gives the last touch

Raul desperate for Veronica to arrive

hidden from the bride's parents


Looking for the moment to make her laugh

Remembering our moments of happiness

Looking and appreciating your beauty

Flirting with my music

Flirting with my gaze

Your face is the most beautiful I've seen

Taking fresh air in our future farm

At the doors of our farm

When there's love, everything is possible