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Mr.maboo Ocio Saludable
In Mr. Maboo Healthy Leisure we can say that we are specialists in creating personalized proposals to enjoy Leisure, Sport and Culture with large doses of fun.
Dime que me quieres
Party to the rhythm of international and national songs of always! 90`s, 80`s, 00`s and whatever it takes to give it absolutely everything.
Relik Dance Crew
Choreography and dancers for the dynamization of events, wedding entertainment, flashmobs, etc. We have a large number of dancers to participate in all kinds of events.
Valsan 360 is a company dedicated to the rental of Led screens and we are specialized in mobile units with LED screens, a cheaper solution than conventional screens.
Monstruo Leganés
Four-star hotel rooms, an exquisite restaurant and rooms for spectacular events with audiovisual equipment, lights, giant screens, stage, tables and chairs and others.
Nosolo Fotomatón
Company dedicated to providing entertainment services for events of all kinds, whether they are marketing campaigns, to animate an event with special services such as photocall lightpainting.
El Teatro Errante
We set up an inflatable theater in the indicated space with a reduced capacity where magic shows (15 minutes) are performed in continuous session during the duration of the event.
BilbaoBaila Dantza Eskola
The best dance space in Bilbao, available to rent. Two rooms equiped with all you need for your dance events, workshops and masterclasses.
Cocktails and mini tacos ice cream on plancha from 3 €
Glam Cam Photocall
Discover the new dynamic Photocalls. Share and viralize gifs and mp4 in 180º and 360º format. Also called Matrix effect because this effect is popularized in this film, Bullet Time or Time Slice.
Burbujita eventos
Shows Consult for any type of event. For adults wedding receptions or children's entertainment. Whatever you are looking for, we have it.
Celebrando en Casa
We are an agency specialized in the organization of home parties in Madrid and private parties.
The art of magic is about creating experiences and unique moments in time. International magician Sieko is available for private parties and events. English, German, Dutch,
Choreography and dancers for the dynamization of events, wedding entertainment, flashmobs, etc.
Tradujuarez traducciones
Small malaga-based company specialising in language services (translation and interpreting) for multilingual events.
Pasa tapas has a second floor dedicated solely and exclusively to the reception of group dinners and private events. It is an open space with rustic and adaptable style.
Music for weddings and events. Dedicated to meet brides and grooms who want a special and different wedding, with unique moments. We are experts in special days.
On the Mediterranean coast, Valencians used seafood instead of meat and beans to make paella. Valencians regard this recipe as authentic as well. In this recipe, the seafood is served in the shell. A variant on this is paella del senyoret which utilizes seafood without shells. Later, however, Spaniards living outside of Valencia combined seafood with meat from land animals and mixed paella was born.[22] This paella is sometimes called "preparación barroca" (baroque preparation) due
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