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We specialize in providing photography and video services for weddings, real estate, events, and corporate businesses.

-Photography and video for: Weddings, events, real estate, corporate. We also offer photography services and 360 virtual tours as we are Google trusted photographers.
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Destination Wedding Photography

If you are organizing your wedding or that of a family member, the first thing you should do is choose a good photographer. Thus, you will have enough time to evaluate, together with your couple, the work of this professional and, in addition, we will be able to start the entire report before the day of the ceremony (pre-wedding), with which you will have a kind of history of your celebration and you can have memories of the whole process. Keep in mind that the photos of a day as special as your wedding day cannot be a simple succession of captures of the most emblematic moments, such as the "yes, I do" or the toast of the bride and groom. Rather, your wedding photos should tell a story, be the story of the relationship with your partner.

Real Estate Photography & Videography Guanacaste

An image says more than a thousand words

Applying this famous phrase to the world of real estate, we can say that real estate photography and videography can become the key to finalize the sale of a property. Especially considering that in the digital age we live in, many businesses are done exclusively online. By having a good series of photographs of a property, you would be facilitating the sales process.
If you have good photographs and videos of the property you want to sell on your website or social networks, showing its different rooms and even the environment where it is located, you will considerably reduce the time of negotiations.
Why? If someone interested in a certain property has the opportunity to see enough photographs of the place; At the time of contacting you, they will have fewer questions, and it will be much easier for you to close the sale.

360 Virtual Tours Guanacaste

In the real estate area, the book will really be judged by its cover, and you only have a few seconds to interest your potential client, here the professional photography and the 360º virtual tour of real estate are the key elements that will differentiate you from tens or hundreds of listings.
360º Virtual Tour
This is the most innovative way to promote a property or business remotely. With it, your client will have a virtual experience that gives him the feeling of being really there, he can move from place to place, see the areas he likes, photographs of details or elements that you want to present, viewing from his computer or cell phone on the web page. of your choice, with sound or background music.


Photographers in Santa Cruz

Since 2010 we have been dedicated to photography and video. We have experience in the areas of: Weddings, Real Estate, Commercial, 360 Virtual Tours and event streaming. Contact us!

Event Types

Weddings, children parties, baptism & first communion, baby shower, birthdays and anniversaries, end of the year parties, team building activities, corporate meetings, congresses, conferences, seminars, product launches, trade fairs, cultural, social, artistic, special events, bachelor parties, sports events, awards ceremonies, graduations and sweet 16.






I understand deeply that nothing is more important or more treasured than images of love frozen in time.Ask about our wedding photography or videography packages.
We offer photography and videography services for real estate.




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